45 Henry Street
Cotati, CA 94931

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45 Henry Street, Cotati Ca. 94931

Contact us: 707.792.9256

Director: Brenda Kondrasky

License #: 493002819
Capacity: 29 Children Maximum



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Our Philosophy
Our program is designed to nourish individual needs. We develop the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social and physical aspects of each child. The integrated curriculum includes art, music, movement, science, mathematics, cooking, reading readiness, and Christian living. 

Our History

My name is Brenda Kondrasky, owner/director/teacher of Small Miracles Preschool. When I was a child my dream was to be a teacher.  Before Small Miracles was established in 1992, I worked in 6 different preschools for 13 years; 3 church settings, 2 large facilities, and my own home day care. As a preschool teacher, I had a vision of opening a small setting so that my staff and I could work one on one with each individual child. My desire is to know each child and to learn their strengths and weaknesses; to mainstream children with learning disabilities; and to work with parents as partners in their child's education.
Through my experiences and working in different types of preschools, I have taken the best of what I have learned, and created ideas integrated into our program and curriculum.
Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I am living my dream. I am witnessing each child grow and learn, being kind, helping, and communicating with one another.  I believe our future needs more of these ideals.

Things around school we Love...
Watching Our Garden Grow! 
Small Miracles has a little growing garden. In the Spring the children learn how to plant flowers and pumpkins, and then learn how to water and nurture them.  They love to watch our garden grow.   

School Hours  2021/2022

We offer 2 preschool sessions:



Or sign up for 7 hour session 9:00-4:00

Small Miracles


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